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Welcome to my website and thank you for stopping by.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a such a big decision and I think knowing a few things about the person in charge of telling you story is a great start. Here we go- Let me start with the 3 words describe me best.

Mom- I am a mom before anything else.  Every single day I am thankful for the incredible blessing that is the love, laughter and company of my children.

Family- I am big believer in family. It is everything to me in my life and I am so lucky to be surrounded by supportive family members.

Love- I am a sucker for romance, love and anything to do with mushy emotions. My favorite pass-time is watching movies with love stories.

Knowing these three words will help you understand why I love being a wedding photographer-As a wedding photographer I see all three of my biggest priorities play out in so many different ways. Every wedding I shoot warms my heart, feeds my soul, makes me cry and makes me believe. And lastly, I made a collage of my favorite things.

Strawberries- but only the smell. I never really eat them.

Peonies– they are my most favorite flower ever. The many, many layers of intertwined petals is just so intriguing.

Glitter- no explanation needed there.

Glass- Glass creations are just so beautiful and they feed the eyes of this hungry visual artist.

Chocolate Cake- Enough said.

Macaroons- Round, bite size, flavorful, colorful – what’s not to love.

Lemons- The smell of summer and memories of a happy childhood. I remember the summer days spent running around, playing with friends.

Weddings- You know why.

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